If you want to talk about great and totally ethical graphic design, look no further than the awful bootleg DVD covers coming out of Asia. Last summer we went to Vietnam and quite shamelessly purchased four or five bootlegged box sets of our favorite television series and film directors. They were super cheap. Although some of the discs don’t work on our DVD player and some of the episodes are poorly copied from Canadian television, they are well worth the price. Legally, I don’t believe the manufacturers are in any sort of wrong, because it’s not against the law in said countries. Ethically however, there seems to be a whole lot of gray area going on. I can say it’s really no different from offshore torrent sites and illegal downloading in the US, and you get some fantastically erred  packaging to boot. If you want to score some illegally copied intellectual property, go with the complete package by buying your bootlegs in those floppy, poorly printed sleeves with mediocre English. Think of it as a souvenir.