Continuing our discussion on the genres of business, I found a decent—and devastatingly local—link to Nashville’s own News Channel 5 brief on the Basics of a Sole Proprietorship. Hmm, it seems that link wasn’t as in depth as one would have hoped, though it does give a fine summary of sole proprietorship and offers a strange new term, DBA of Doing Business As. Here’s the blip:

As a sole proprietor, you may still need to register your business. Business licensing differs from state to state. Some, like California, require nearly all businesses to register; others have relatively few requirements. If, however, you are doing business as a sole proprietor under a trade name rather than your personal name (“City Architects”, as opposed to “John Smith, Architect”), you will likely need to get a business certificate or register as a DBA (Doing Business As). This allows your customers, your suppliers, the government, and anyone else your business deals with to know who the real owner of the business is.

As a P.S. to this partially interesting post, I’ve also included the link to Tennessee State’s Business Name Availability checker, because everyone knows your business is only as good as its name. And if you get bored, you can always test it to see if anyone’s started any businesses with unsightly names.