Ever since we touched upon the Public Domain and copyright laws several weeks ago, I’ve been particularly fascinated with acquiring and collecting copyright free imagery for those special occasions when a client wants a gig poster inside the hour. This week I searched our  library on campus and found several great resources for imagery. After all, once the school projects are over, I believe fair use is out the window and Google image search turns into infringement. Dover publishing offer many books full of images, many of which come with high resolution, digital versions to eliminate the monotony of scanning. I recently got Dover’s Bewick’s Animal Woodcuts as well as L’Aventurine’s Fantastic Ornaments, the latter of which is full of bizarre anthropomorphic woodcuts of hybrid animals, demons, and angels. Similarly, any edition of the zine Craphound is full hundreds of images, usually based around a them like “Church and State” or “Death”. I suppose I’m so excited about this massive library of great art, because I was so ignorant to it before I fully investigated the whole issue of plagiarism, copyright, public domain, and all those other things that simply vital to graphic design.