I can’t believe I’d never heard of design firm Big Spaceship prior to our Lynda videos on Tuesday. There work and philosophy is jaw-dropping. I delved futher into their portfolio and found their ingenious website, The Expressive Web, they put together for Adobe. Being in mere Web I, I’ve mostly just heard of the inherent power of CSS3 and HTML5; And even with my light knowledge of advanced web development, Big Spaceship’s wonderfully interactive site for Adobe is brilliant, approachable and educational. The site shows you the capabilities of CSS3 Animations, Gradients, Queries, and Shadows—among numerous other great features. Seems that Big Spaceship had another overwhelmingly happy client. I believe the designers at Big Spaceship summed it up perfectly on their portfolio page:

We were excited to discover The Expressive Web drew praise not just from designers and developers, but also a legion of curious everyday users. In short, we created a window into the future of the web, with Adobe positioned squarely in the center of the conversation.