In our history of graphic design class today, Ms. Boo Marie mentioned a favorite contemporary designer of hers named Nubby Twiglet. Nubby wrote a brilliant blog entry last year titled Tips and Tricks For Developing a Print Portfolio. A lot of her thoughts hinge on the idea that your portfolio itself is a portfolio piece and should be designed as such. Over spring break and this week I’ve been working intensely on creating a digital portfolio for the looming internship application process. I’ve worked many hours and seem to like the result, though I’m not blown away. Nubby has some very insightful tips for the portfolio process. She also emphasizes the importance of a print portfolio. As much as Steve says print is dead—or dying a slow death—people love the tactile. Additionally,  you never know how old your interviewer will be (i.e. he or she may prefer a good ol’ book to the scary young iPad). On my next portfolio redesign I believe I’ll aim on one elegant layout that works nicely both digitally and in print. I’ve also heard of always keeping a smaller “paperback” portfolio with you, whether in your car or purse, for opportunities can arrive at any moment. For today’s designer, go with a digital, a print, and a mini portfolio. While we’re at it, why not throw in a slide and laserdisc portfolio, too. As if we’re not busy enough.