Although I haven’t even finished our resume redesign due Tuesday, I’m fairly burnt out on the subject (though much better educated). As such, I thought I’d share another great resource for public domain imagery. The wonderful people at the Library of Congress have accumulated a massive online collection of public domain images that are free to download and are often of awe-inspiringly high quality. Exhibit A, a poster I did for a friend for a gig he has coming up in Memphis. For that image I simply searched “camel” on their site and, viola, 26 mb copyright-free TIFF of an undeniably cool vintage photo of a camel-riding soldier. A little Photoshop later and you have a compelling high-res poster with a touch of Univers. The only drawbacks I’ve found are that you cannot search by image quality and that you’ll quickly sacrifice many hours to the extensive online library. Go get yourself some Library of Congress, I know I will.

Side note, they also have some pretty incredible recordings of early American music, including a fantastic session with Woody Guthrie and another with Muddy Waters. If you like the old folk and country blues, look into Library of Congress’s Anthology of Folk.