Tin Pan South 2012 Poster

Tuesday night we witnessed the 2012 Nashville Student Addy’s. I was lucky enough to have won two gold Addy’s, one for poster design and another for editorial series. Like many of the victors that night, I was ecstatic, though personally, because my Tin Pan South poster won. As most of you know, the Tin Pan South poster for our Type II class is an actual client based project. Each year the winner gets to have his or her poster as the identity for the Nashville songwriter’s festival Tin Pan South. And you get money. Last semester, when I was given the assignment, I found all of these real client perks particularly tempting and worked my ass off on these posters. I listened to the client’s requests intently. She looked for innovative symbols for songwriting, something that commemorates the 20th anniversary, and maybe something that strays from anything too country or  Hatch Show-ey. Long story short, I spent a long time coming up with atypical songwriting symbols with an eye-catching and simple design. Although my poster does make gratuitous use of Lost Type fonts mashed up with Rockwell, and even if it is simply center-stacked—the easy way out—I think it’s a great poster with a fantastic illustration. I did receive a nice grade for the poster, however it was not picked by the client. Classic client/designer relationship; it wasn’t what the client wanted and that sucked for me. Though I masked it well, I was slightly embittered by the selection.  And Tuesday, at the Nashville Student Addy’s I got myself gratified. Though it wasn’t the client, someone professional thought highly of that damn poster. I’m sure to be let down or compromised by countless clients to come, so if anything, Tuesday was one little victory for the self-righteous, designer-knows-best sentiment in me.