My new-found resume friends at job mob posted another interesting list regarding resumes. Instead of the worst resumes ever, this time around they listed 36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work, and for the most part they’re right. Unlike the much riskier infographic resumes that Ms. Abell presented on Tuesday’s class, these designs utilize a much more minimalist and understated design style. There are also monograms galore, and you just can’t beat a great monogram.

Hmm…after attempting to link to several of the resumes, I realized that many of the links are broken, likely because the designer has changed url’s since the list’s publishing. There are still a few that work and the page’s thumbnails give a pretty good idea of each resume’s grid structure and typesetting. Below are three that work well as far as sophisticated and clean designed resumes go:

The first resume, Andre Morgan’s, doesn’t contain a headline, though it does have a profile at the top, which works similarly to the qualifications summary from the videos. The second one, Karla’s, has a few things wrong in it content wise. She includes an objective and “references available upon request”. However, I think the simple two column grid breaks personal contact info from work experience very nicely. And the latter, Kenji’s resume, nicely includes his illustration style and personality without making the whole damn thing look like a page out of a children’s book. Though no single one is perfect, they do exemplify a nice level of design without compromising format or information. Because the last thing you want to do is ruffle square old bossman’s feathers with a  harmless little resume.