In regards to the public domain and whether certain works fall into that realm, I found this useful flow chart. With it, you can clarify whether foggier work is or is not copyrighted. If you look to the bottom of the site, you notice some other interesting statutes that were not covered in class. For example, if the author of a work is unknown—or created by an unknown pseudonym—then the copyright expires either 95 years after publication or 120 after its creation. It also appears that anything created before 1923 is free game, which should mean that technically, we can use anything prior to 1923 in our artwork. This somehow doesn’t feel right. Can I really lift a Van Gogh painting or publish my very own illustrated copy of Moby Dick? This is definitely something worth investigating further. As contemporary designers, we should precisely understand where the public domain lies and what we can incorporate in our  design.