While searching the web for something interesting, I came upon this little gem of a site. It’s not necessarily well designed— which may seem fittingly ironic—but it is a resource site for individuals and small business owners who are looking for a freelance designer. I thought it worth mentioning because the site shows how the client side operates when searching for a designer. And, by investigating how businesses and other potential clients select a designer, we can better tailor our professional image to those clients. I’m not necessarily heading towards full-time freelance work in the near future, but it’s definitely beneficial seeing how clients handle these same processes that we’ve been talking about in class.

Also, the site comes up with some pretty interesting information.  It highlights the general prices for graphic designers, explains why they shouldn’t do spec work, and includes information on where to find them. Maybe we’d all better our professional image through us pretending to be a cranky, rich, and obnoxiously thorough client who is scrutinizing the very profile of our designer selves. Or maybe I just thoroughly confused myself. Either way, it won’t hurt checking out freelancegraphicdesigner.