I’m studying graphic design because, of all the arts, it’s the most ubiquitous to our daily lives — and continues to disappoint on many an occasion. Graphic design is visual communication; it’s less an outlet for self-expression, and more a form of visual detective work. You’re given clients, information, graphics, text, links etc. and asked to streamline and organize data into rational, gorgeous layouts whether ending as posters, websites, annual reports, or invitations. It’s the problem solving aspect in graphic design—and perhaps a deep-seeded need for validation—that drew me to graphic design and the often-strange client/artist relationships involved.

I too, appreciate that it’s a very cerebral field of the visual arts how its subject matter knows no bounds. I love Jeopardy and own a copy the original 1980’s Trivial Pursuit. Graphic design caters to the trivia buff in that you’re never bogged down in one subject for too long. From encyclopedia typesetting and New Yorker illustrations to reptile enthusiast websites or corporate infographics, I really appreciate the diversity within graphic design.

Once I graduate I’d appreciate getting a job with a firm or within the design team at a larger corporation. I realize it wouldn’t necessarily allow me the same freedoms as freelancing, but it would give me vital experience as well as security—which shall not be underestimated with student loans and a young family. I wouldn’t mind moving into more conceptual areas of design, such as information design, data analysis, or interface design. Hell, I may even pursue a career in industrial design again. I’m not set on any specific path in the field, however I know I’m happy with design, and know that there will always be a need for better design.