As of recent, I discovered the eyeglasses company Warby Parker, who quickly became my favorite company. The company’s aesthetic—from their ads, website, and promotional videos, to their sleek, rounded sans-serif logo—is very clean, very duotone, and very modernist. They’re sort of like the stylistic older sibling of American Apparel, hip and angular though subtler, more sophisticated, and less vampish.

The company itself produces great frames—eyeglasses as well as sunglasses—and, similar to TOMS shoes, they have a buy a pair, give a pair policy. Every pair of glasses purchased, a pair is distributed to someone in need. There are many other things that make Warby Parker badass. Shopping for glasses online is tough, even when sites offer the awkward digital webcam try-on software. Warby Parker will mail you five pairs of your choosing for five days free of shipping with no obligation to buy. And they arrive in a very well-designed fabric cigar-box-esque case that makes the whole process feel even cooler. When you decide on your pair, like I did with my midnight-blue Sinclairs, it’s a flat $95 for the glasses with free returns and free shipping. The whole process with them was more delightful than most shopping experiences I’ve had.

The place where they really made me feel important—whether they actually felt this way or not—was with their customer service. They’re on top of social networking and timeliness. After receiving my home try-on kit, I got emails like:

We want to see you showing off those frames! Click here to post pictures of you in your favorite pairs (or all five) and our team at WP HQ will give you our expert opinion on which ones are best!

Or after purchasing my glasses:

We just wanted to say thank you…for so many things, including:

Being undeniably awesome


Thank you. We love you, John. We really do.

I’ve never been a sucker for brand loyalty, but I’ll definitely tell people about Warby Parker.